Safeguarding fears see Crossrail 2 costs rise

Transport for London (TfL) has admitted this week that the cost of buying the land needed for the Crossrail 2 project is likely to escalate due to the lack of safeguarding. It has emerged from various media outlets this week that the current planned route is at risk because the safeguarding measures do not cover all sections.

Safeguarding is a formal process, undertaken by the Department for Transport (DfT), to protect land required for major new infrastructure projects from future development. Unless land is safeguarded, land required for Crossrail 2 can be built on by developers, potentially making it more expensive for TfL to compulsory purchase the land at a later date.

TfL want to update the safeguarding measures, following a further round of public consultation on the project which was due in early 2018, however it is now understood that this is now delayed and is not expected until the first quarter of 2019 which will delay the Hybrid Bill submission from May 2020 to the “early 2020s”.

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