No time like the present

One of the most difficult questions we are often asked by clients is, ‘How long should we allocate to identify, secure and relocate to new premises?’ This is a little bit like asking how long is a piece of string and clearly the answer will depend on the size of organization, specific requirements and market conditions, but rarely is the answer three weeks! That is exactly the position our West End agency team were faced with when they were tasked with relocating a firm of solicitors with a pending lease expiry that could not be extended.

Having taken the brief they commenced the search and reported to the client, successfully identified suitable premises in Berkeley Square and following a period of negotiations and completion of legal formalities the client was able to relocate within ten days of receipt of the instruction. Not a record we know, but it just goes to show how quickly relocation can be secured if you have the right team in place. Having said that, this would not be our automatic answer to the question posed above given the option!

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