EU Referendum – Should we stay or should we go now?

2016 shows no sign of easing in respect of the continued lack of supply of commercial accommodation in London. Demand continues to put pressure on rents and considerable increases at review or renewal are commonplace. Early consideration is essential due to likely competition in the marketplace and professional advice is vital.

The effect on capital values is also apparent as for the time being, the general economist’s view is that a Brexit is likely to dampen prospects for commercial real estate, though in the short term yields have remained stable. However, if the country decides in favour of a Brexit on 23rd June the prolonged uncertainty during the exit negotiations may impact considerably and negatively on investor sentiment.

Careful consideration of the strategy of reviews and lease renewals for all types of property it is essential as the effects could be long term and have further reaching affects against potential market changes and negotiations in consideration of value of both leasehold and freehold is paramount. Kinney Green is able to offer a thorough understanding of the current market with an analytical approach to the evidence, in relation to specification, location and lease term to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

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