Can the Bailiff be the Tenant’s friend

“An increasing number of landlords are finding favour with using Protective Distraints by professional bailiff services and staying ahead of other creditors.

We realise that regular communication and prompt chasing of payments is often the most effective means of achieving full and efficient collection of landlords’ monies, however, in certain cases, more may be required.

This means putting a Protective Distraint in place to protect a payment plan. All goods on the premises belong to the landlord until the full arrears are paid. No stickers go on any goods, the tenant uses all the items as before and to the outside world, nothing has changed.

If the Revenue, Rates or Sherriff attend after this agreement is put in place, they cannot distrain until the landlord is paid in full. Should the tenant default on the payment plan, or their circumstances change, a bailiff can return.

Some tenants have found this a useful device to keep others at bay while they pay rent to their landlord, thus allowing them to stay in business.

This is just one of the ways the Kinney Green property management team look to ensure the best long term returns for their client’s buildings.”

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