Are your service charge demands right and proper

It may be considered as just another head of expenditure when it comes to owning and occupying commercial property; however, recovery of service charge monies by landlords is not always ‘black and white’.

Service charges can often cover a large list of costs, sometimes over multiple schedules and are often demanded with little in the way of supporting documentation. The recoverability of costs incurred by your landlord is dictated by your lease and this is supported by best practice guidance set out by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and case law.

As specialists in service charge matters, Kinney Green is able to review service charges for owners and occupiers to ensure that sums demanded are right and proper. In our experience, a service charge that seems in order from a cursory glance can hide a number of discrepancies, once a thorough review is undertaken; often leading to savings for owners and occupiers alike.

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